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Tokyo Punk T-shirt!

Tokyo Punk T-shirt!

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Finally, Blablanurse has finished making brand new T-shirts! Yay! Thank you for visiting here! What are you looking for today? 

For some reason, she only used white gauze when she started her brand. When a boutique in the US asked her to use off-white and cream-colored gauze, she tried using off-white and cream-colored gauze as they said.... Every time she used cream-colored gauze, she remembers this story.. To be honest, she disliked the shop saying to use other colors because she had a clear idea and her own strong world for Blabla. It made her feel like someone is breaking her world.

Can you believe this? After many years, she loves using this color. Has she grown up? This was one of the events that expanded her creative world and her possibilities. She tends to stay the same forever with her punk spirit, but at the same time, she wants to evolve her creativity, so why not try new things!

Blablahospital clothes will look cool after ten years and twenty years because we go for our own world. Do you follow the trend or go for your own way?

Garment measurements:

(measured flat)
Front length : 67cm 
Back length : 75cm
Chest : 55cm
Sleeve length:23cm

Fabrics :

Cleaning instructions: 
handwash only

Display dummy dimensions:
Men's body: B95 W75 H96 around neck 37 shoulder47 


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