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Harajuku Fashion Pink Tights ”I feel sick in his dream " 80 denier

Harajuku Fashion Pink Tights ”I feel sick in his dream " 80 denier

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Hello! This is Blablanurse speaking. How are you today? Thank you for looking at my design here:)

Has anyone ever told you, 'You were in my dream last night'?
My family and friends have said this to me before, and it's likely that everyone has experienced it. What were you doing in other people's dreams? Someone once told me that I was sick in their dream, and something pink was pouring out of my mouth. Can you imagine that situation? I wonder what they imagined about me. Dream is so weird, isn't it?

I enjoy my night dream life
sometimes I even create artwork inspired by them. However, this time I made a pair of tights inspired by someone else's dream (probably for the first time.) I'm quite curious about other people's dreams and what they entail. I often wonder what kind of dreams my patients have. 

Item description
Garment measurements:
(measured flat)
Length : 95cm
Width : 24cm

Material :

polyester 91%, polyurethane 9%
80 denier

Cleaning instructions:

handwash only


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